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Beaghmore Stone Circles

Located near Cookstown, Beaghmore consists of nine stone circles and it was discovered in through peat cutting in the 1940s. Beaghmore Stone Circles are certainly very different from any other tourist attractions in Northern Ireland and if you’re interested in ancient history, then this is a must see. The stones could be dated back to the Bronze Age (c. 2,000 – 1,200 BC) and the deposits of flint tools and hearths are carbon dated back to 2900 – 2600 BC. The Stone Circles may have been used for religious/social gatherings, record movements of the sun and moon, and because to the number of circles it is possible that part of the function of the site was a burial place. Also, at some point peat started form over the site, so it may be that the cairns and rows were constructed in an attempt to restore fertility to the soil by attracting back the fading sun.


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