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The Gobbins

At the Gobbins, you will experience the Irish coast at its best. It located on the peninsula, 20 miles north of Belfast and is part of the Causeway Coastal Route.

It is a two-mile long cliff path which takes you through caves, bridges, steps, and tunnels carved through the rock. As well as this exhilarating walk, you will also have the benefiting the stunning coastal scenery.

The Gobbins first opened in 1902 and was at one point more popular than the Giants' Causeway. However, by the late 1950s the path had greatly deteriorated. Presently the cliff path has been rejuvenated and is open for the public to visit.

**The only access to the cliff path is by guided tour and must be booked in advance at Tours begin at the visitors centre and are 2 hours 30 minutes long. **

Some requirements:

•    Tours are not for children under 1.2m (4ft), people with cardiac, respiratory or asthmatic conditions. The walk will require a moderate level of fitness

•    Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

•    No smoking or animals allowed past Wise’s eye.

•    Walking aids not permitted due to the paths narrowness.

•    Clothing: Suitable outdoor clothing and walking shoes/boots. Poncho or waterproof jacket may also be required.


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