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No.5 Vicars Hill

Located near Armagh Public Library and beside the main entrance to St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral, No.5 Vicars’ Hill is suitable for people of all ages and is an ideal place to learn about the history of Armagh. This building was constructed in 1772 and was used as the Diocesan Registry by Archbishop Richard Robinson. It held records for the Church of Ireland Diocese, and its hexagonal rooms held many public as well as Church records. Since then, the building has been restored and open to the public since March 2011. No.5 Vicars’ Hill now has a beautiful interior with a perfect combination of a modern edge and at the same time, containing many of its original features. The building contains collections such as old coins, gems, artefacts, etc., and you can learn about them in more detail with the use of the nearby touch screens. No.5 Vicars’ Hill has something of interest to everyone and is an ideal place to visit as it is situated near many of County Armagh’s other tourist attractions.


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